Class of 2015

Throughout the school year, the Senior Class Advisory Board will be recognizing some of Northeastern’s outstanding senior huskies for their achievements, experiences and all around awesomeness!

Christie Civetta

Hometown: Westchester, New York

Major: Human Services with International Law Specialization

Minor: Chinese and Social Activism

Go-to meal at Rebecca’s: Absolutely anything that involves sweet potato fries.

Currently watching on Netflix: Just finished Leverage – it was awesome.

What will you miss the most about Northeastern: The ability to travel so freely! And the powerlifting team!

Tell us about your involvement/leadership on campus?

For the past 2 years I have been a member (and now Treasurer) of the Northeastern Women’s Powerlifting Team, Team Leader for Alternative Spring Break to the Dominican Republic, Co-President of the Human Services Organization, International Co-op Ambassador, Northeastern Students4Giving, Oxfam America, NuBiLAGA (which is now NUPride), Senior Legacy, and Huntington’s 100.

Tell us about your co-op or study abroad experience?

I spent my first co-op working for a family preservation organization in South Africa called Proud2b Me Foundation where I worked as co-facilitator for drug rehabilitation and rape crisis counseling programs. Instead of completing a second co-op, I went to Beijing, China to continue studying Chinese, and to complete research for the Beijing Suicide Prevention and Research Centre that focused on suicidality of female college students. Also while in China, I worked for a cultural exchange restaurant where I learned how to cook legit Chinese food – absolutely awesome! After China, I headed to Lusaka, Zambia for an incredible Dialogue of Civilizations and internship at Serenity Harm Addiction Reduction Programme Zambia (SHARPZ). I worked as a co-facilitator for SHARPZ and helped implement a program to bring drug education to local elementary and middle schools that is still being used today. My third co-op was at Manion, Gaynor & Manning LLP in Boston – my poor attempt to discover if law was the right career for me (hint: it’s not).

What’s been your most memorable experience at Northeastern so far?

Ah I have had so many!  If you are talking through Northeastern specifically, I think one of the most recent has been as a part of the Northeastern Powerlifting Team – last year I lifted at my first Collegiate Powerlifting Nationals in Florida, and had an absolutely incredibly experience with my teammates. In fact we are headed to the 2015 Collegiate Nationals April 9th – 12th (you should watch!) for another awesome memorable experience.

Three things every student should do before they leave NU?

  1. Co-op abroad. No excuses. Just go.
  2. Thank every campus staff member you can (I am talking everyone from department heads to maintenance staff) – they significantly help make this place what it is.
  3. You know that one thing you’ve been thinking about doing for months but you just haven’t had the chance or the courage to do? Do that.

Post-Grad Shenanigans:

Moving to England to attend the University of Bristol for a Masters in Public Health, Physical Activity and Nutrition; I will also continue my current research, which focuses on Exercise Therapy as a viable treatment for war veterans presenting with PTSD, throughout my masters.

Alyssa Pratt

Hometown: Windsor, CT

Major: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Concentration in Early Intervention

Go-To Rebecca’s Meal: The turkey and apple! A classic.

What did you want to be when you were 5: When I was 5, I wanted to be a lawyer.  My mom said I’d be good at it since I love to argue. Haha!

Where was your favorite co-op?

My favorite co-op was at Boston Medical Center.  I worked in the Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation department.  The coolest thing about our department was our Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training System. We would get our patients up into harnesses on the treadmill, one trainer on each leg and hips, and help our patients facilitate walking. This was a really unique experience and I loved learning the different techniques. It was very inspiring to work with the patient population I did. My patients had various different neurological disorders like spinal cord injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and more. Despite so many challenges, they had so much motivation, it made me really excited about the career path I’ve chosen.

Tell us about your involvement on campus?

I’m a Husky Development Mentor with Husky Ambassadors, the tour guide group on campus.  I’ve been involved with HA for over 4 years now, and I still love it!  Giving tours gives me a way to share my passion and excitement about Northeastern with the prospective students and families that visit our campus. I’m also involved in Off Campus Student Services on campus. I was a Community Ambassador last year and a Project Assistant this year. I get to help educate students and their parents about their rights as renters, as well as putting on some pretty cool events like the Taste of Off Campus or the Apartment Fair.  In addition, I’m also a member of NU PT Club and participate in Group Fitness classes at Marino.

Favorite thing about NU?

Would it be totally cheesy to say everything?  But truthfully, my favorite thing about NU is all of the opportunities and experiences I’ve had here. I know that if I had gone to any other university, I wouldn’t have had the same amazing experiences.  I’ve loved the opportunity to participate in two really cool co-ops, a rewarding service-learning experience, and a global research project in my time here. I’ve really enjoyed getting to meet so many great people, students, faculty, staff, families, and more. I’ve loved getting involved in several clubs and organizations on campus, taking on leadership roles, and really feeling like I’m leaving my mark here at Northeastern. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything!

What are you most excited about for senior year?

I’m so excited to finally be done with my academic coursework!  As a DPT student, we are in a 6-year program, so I feel like it’s been a long time coming, but I’ll finally be done with classes! All that’s left after graduation in May is a year full of clinical education experiences; then I can be a real PT!  I’m excited (and admittedly a bit nervous) about going out into the real world as a practicing therapist.  I’m cherishing the time I have left as an undergrad; making it count by attending many on-campus events, sports games, and spending time with my friends.

Abdul Hafiz

Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Majors: International Affairs & Political Science

Minor: Law and Public Policy

Favorite memory/experience at NU? I think my favorite moment was being selected as Torch Scholar. I was ecstatic and Northeastern was my top choice!

 Tell us about your academic achievements? Torch Scholar and Dean’s List

 It’s your last meal on earth, Chicken Lou’s or Rebecca’s? What do you order? I would definitely go to Rebecca’s! I would order two things: a Tuscan Turkey and a Steak Bomb with Sweet Potato Fries.

What’s your dream job? My dream job is being an Attorney

Tell us about your involvement/leadership on campus? General Studies Peer MentorCollege Writing Tutor, 2011 Orientation Leader, Customer Service Rep – Housing Services, Linking Education and Diversity Mentor, Order of the Omega, 2014 Ronald E. Latham Oratory Competition 3rdPlace Winner, 113thEntering Class Representative at 2011 Northeastern Convocation, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. – Chi Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Board of Directors, Northeastern National Pan-Hellenic Council Vice President, John D. O’Bryant African American Institute Legacy Mentor, Dialogue of Civilizations 2013 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Dialogue of Civilizations 2014 – Geneva, Switzerland

Marathon watching anything good on Netflix? I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately, here are some of the main ones: House of Cards, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D, Blacklist and Scandal

What’s on your senior year bucket list? TRAVEL

Cory Bolotsky

Hometown: Manalapan, NJ

Major: BSBA – Entrepreneurship

What’s been your most memorable experience at Northeastern so far? I counted that while at Northeastern I’ve gotten to travel to 12 countries during college directly related to co-op or classes which is pretty awesome.

What’s your favorite thing on the menu at Rebecca’s? I usually go for the daily special, especially the pasta special! I’m also a huge fan of the Smoked Turkey and Apple sandwich.

Tell us about your involvement/leadership on campus? For my first few years at Northeastern I was heavily involved in the Entrepreneurs Club and other startup initiatives on campus. Currently I am a Husky Ambassador tour guide and a D’Amore-McKim Delegate.

Tell us about your co-op?  I’ve done three co-ops while at NU. The first two I did with MassChallenge, which is the world’s largest startup accelerator.  For my first co-op I worked closely with the startups going through the Boston program and absolutely loved it!  My second co-op I stayed with MassChallenge and moved to Tel Aviv, Israel as the Co-Founder and Director of Operations for MassChallenge Israel where I built the company’s first-ever international office and worked closely with the Israeli startup community.  For my final co-op, I tried out something different and worked for BAE Systems, a 100,000+ person defense contractor in Burlington.

Have you studied-abroad anywhere? In addition to doing an international co-op in Israel, I’ve gone on two Dialogues. The first was the Social Enterprise Institute’s field study in Cape Town South Africa where I got to work with micro-entrepreneurs in the townships of Cape Town.  My second dialogue was last summer in India focused on Marketing in Asia.

Marathon-watching anything good on Netflix?  Patiently waiting for the Season 3 House of Cards release at the end of February. I hope it doesn’t disappoint!

Three things every student should do before they leave NU? Take advantage of Boston!  My personal favorite place in Boston is the Harpoon Beer Hall so go for a tour or attend one of their festivals! Eat lunch at the Faculty Club. Travel the world

Dayna Altman

Hometown: Southborough, MA

Major: Human Services

Minor: Psychology

What’s your favorite thing at Rebecca’s? Southwestern Turkey without Guacamole

Tell us about your involvement on campus? I am the Vice President of Community Service for the Student Alumni Association. Previous to this position, I served as the Vice President of Active Minds for two years and am a VISION student liaison. All of these experiences have not only shaped my incredible experience at Northeastern but have also helped to guide me on the career path I hope to take in the future.

Tell us about your co-op experience? I have completed two co-ops during my time at Northeastern. The first was at the Walker School and Residence for Troubled Youth. It was a school and intensive care residence for children with severe behavioral health and mental health challenges. I loved the experience and the comradery among the staff made it even more meaningful as did watching the growth of the children! This helped me realize the type of impact I could make. My second co-op was in the Patient Family Housing Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. It was a very different change of pace as I was doing more housing reservations, booking and helping families rather than hands-on experiences with children. I was hired as a Per Diem/Weekend staff member after the co-op experience.

Tell us about your study abroad experience? Last summer I went on the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Dialogue to Germany and Poland. Those were some of the best five weeks of my life, I learned so much about the subject and myself; it has completely changed the way I see the world and what I am passionate about.

Who would you want as your celebrity BFF? Anyone who knows me knows this answer: Mariska Hargitay. I think she is an unbelievable person and has used her leverage as a celebrity to truly make incomparable change in the world. I met her last Spring-I cried a little bit.

What’s been your most memorable experience at Northeastern so far? My experience on my Dialogue to Germany and Poland for sure. Also I am currently planning a benefit Fashion Show. It has been a big undertaking but I am so excited to watch it unfold. Also last spring I created an event at Northeastern called “I See, I Speak, I Pledge” an ant-violence prevention festival, it was a fantastic journey and am so lucky Northeastern allowed me the privilege to raise this type of awareness and run this event.

Favorite class taken at Northeastern? Social Policy with Emily Mann, I changed my concentration in Human Services after this class.

What’s on your senior bucket list? Finally try a Chicken Lou’s sandwich and hopefully a chance to be a part of the Huntington One Hundred.

Kate Lawler

Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

Major: Mathematics

Minors: History & International Affairs

Marathon-watching anything good on Netflix? I had to stop binge-watching Scandal because I wasn’t getting any work done!

What’s been your most memorable experience at Northeastern so far? Participating in the Husky Hunt (twice!). I have never been more exhausted, but biking around Boston for 24 hours has a way of bringing people together.

Tell us about your involvement on campus? I have been involved in Husky Ambassadors for 4 years now, leading campus tours, welcoming families to our Visitor Center, and working in a training and leadership role within the organization. I have also been a Study Abroad Ambassador working with the Office of International Study Programs to run information sessions about going abroad.

Tell us about your co-op experience? I’ve done 3 co-ops while at NU. My first co-op was at John Hancock where I worked in an actuarial position in their Life Insurance department. For my second and third co-op I worked at Paul|McCoy Family Office Services, a small company that deals with taxes and finances for wealthy families.

Three things every student should do before they leave NU? Go abroad, spend an entire day in the dining hall, and make lifelong friendships!

Have you studied abroad? In between co-ops I had the opportunity to study abroad in London, England at Goldsmiths University. During my time in London I was able to meet students from all over the world, explored Europe on the weekends, and tried my hardest to become a member of the royal family.

What’s next after Northeastern? After graduation I’ll be working at a wealth management company in Boston called Paul|McCoy Family Office Services.

Malik Blue

Hometown: Malden, MA

Major: International Business – Supply Chain Management Concentration

Minor: Spanish and Sociology

Favorite place visited so far? Rome, Italy

Favorite memory at NU so far? Participating in the Husky Hunt during my Middler year with fellow e-board members. We spent 24 hours together, as a team scouring Boston on bikes for obscure clues. I can’t imagine another time in my life I’ll have the chance to do something so random and exciting, so that’s definitely an experience I will always cherish!

Tell us about how your involvement with campus life?ResLife: I’ve been an RA for 2 full years where I worked in Stetson East in the Community Service and Leadership Living Learning Communities. I also worked as an Orientation Housing Assistant for the Summers of 2012 and 2013. Peace through Play: Peace through Play is a volunteer organization that works in Boston schools and after-school programs playing “peace games”. I served on the executive board for 3 semesters. Serving as an After-School Coordinator for one semester and the Director of Program Development & Assessment for 2 semesters. LEAD360: Worked as a Leadership Consultant for the LEAD360 office this past fall, which involved consulting for on campus student leaders and facilitating workshops and presentations on various leadership topics.Service-Learning Teaching Assistant: Support an advanced Spanish course, specifically supporting students in the community service.

Tell us about how you have utilized your time at NU to go abroad through BISB and the ASB program? My first time abroad at NU, was during my Middler year when I went on an ASB trip to the Dominican Republic as a Team Leader. This was actually my first time on a plane, but was definitely not the last! I’m actually returning to work with the same organization in the DR for my 3rd co-op!! I moved to Madrid, Spain for a year through the International Business program, where I took courses for 6 months and co-oped at L’Oreal in their logistics department for the remainder of the year.

Favorite part about studying abroad and how has it benefited you? My favorite part about studying abroad was the idea of constantly being challenged. I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet and interact with such different types of people everyday. Overall, being abroad definitely forced me out of my comfort zone and got me to try and explore new things and adopt a new adventurous mindset

Laura Trigger

Hometown: Niskayuna, NY

Major: Psychology

Minors: Business Administration and Communication

It’s your last meal on earth and it’s at Rebecca’s. What do you have? California chicken sandwich!! I think that might be the only sandwich I have ever ordered there!

 What are you involved with on campus? I am very involved in the Husky Ambassador program. I have been a member of the organization for 4 years as a campus tour guide, and for the past 2 years have served on a leadership committee. I also work part time in our Admissions Visitor Center helping families who are visiting campus. I love being a part of the first impression that prospective students get when they visit Northeastern!

 Tell us about your co-op experience? I have done three co-ops in industries ranging from consulting to finance to retail. My most recent co-op was at TJX in Framingham, MA. I had never worked at such a large company, and it was really cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at stores that I loved to shop at. (Even if it did lead to a lot more retail therapy!)

What’s on your senior bucket list? I would love to watch Northeastern win the Beanpot!

 What’s your favorite thing to do in Boston? I love to go out and discover new coffee shops or cafes around Boston. It’s a great excuse to go to new parts of the city, and I like supporting local businesses! Its nice to find little quiet spots in the city – and it keeps me well caffeinated!

What’s been your most memorable experience at Northeastern so far? My most memorable experience so far happened two summers ago while I was on a Dialogue of Civilizations in Greece. After a long day of sightseeing our group went to see the famous Oia sunset on the island of Santorini. Going to Greece had been a dream of mine for a very long time, and getting to witness that sunset in person was incredible!

 What’s been your favorite class at Northeastern? My favorite class was Organizational Behavior with Professor Vroman. I took the course during the second semester of my sophomore year, and it really helped me figure out the direction I wanted to take my major. I learned that there were many business applications to psychology, which is ultimately the path I am taking. 

Gillian Riordan

Major: Communications

Birthday: 5/26

Where in the world do you want to visit most and why? Thailand, for the gorgeous scenery

Greatest accomplishment at NU? Landing two co-ops with the Boston Red Sox Foundation!! The Red Sox Foundation is the largest charity of Major League Baseball.  My first co-op was as a Program Assistant and helped run two cornerstone programs for the foundation: the Red Sox Scholar Program and Red Sox RBI Program. My third co-op (second at the Red Sox Foundation), I worked under the Special Events coordinator. I helped organize five special events: Run to Home Base, Red Sox Foundation Golf Tournament, Monster Mash, Picnic in the Park, and Fenway to the Runway. These special events raise the necessary funds to help run our corner stone programs.

What student organizations are you most involved with at NU? Northeastern Women’s Lacrosse

Tell us about your study abroad experience? I studied abroad in Dublin and it was by far the best experience of my life (cancelled my first two flights home). I was able to study in a different country, but also make friendships with local Irish students, as well as spend time with my family in Ireland. While studying abroad I was able to travel to various countries in Europe and make memories that I will carry with me forever, all while representing Northeastern!

 Starbucks or Dunkin’? Dunkin’

photo1-2Bianca Millien

Hometown: Grayson, GA

Minor: Spanish

Birthday: 11/19

Where did you study abroad?: Madrid, Spain!!

Why did you choose to study abroad in Spain?I am majoring in International Business, and with that major there is a requirement to spend 1-2 years abroad in one of our partner schools. The location depends on your track; I am on the Spanish track.  Therefore, I was required to go to one of our partner schools in a Spanish-speaking country.

Describe your experience abroad?It was amazing, transformational, a bit isolating and challenging at times. Spending a year on a continent you’ve never explored, in a language you haven’t quite mastered, and people who for the most part you are vaguely acquainted with, will teach you a lot about yourself and what you can handle. I wouldn’t change the last year and my experience in Spain for the world!

If you could be anything in the world, what would you be and why?The wind, it’s transformational and it never stays in once place, but you know that it will always come back.

What are you most excited about for senior year/to be a senior?To be home with my friends.

What is your spirit animal?Hands down a lemur (Goodman’s Mouse Lemur)