Class of 2016

Danielle Desser  

College of Arts, Media, and Design

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: President of Northeastern Hillel, former member of Student Government Association

Co-Op Experiences: Public Relations Intern at Comedy Central, Entertainment PR Student Associate at Madison Square Garden, Intern at Alison Brod Public Relations

Post-Graduation Plans: Post graduation I plan on moving to New York, where I did all three of you co-ops, and work in Public Relations for my former employer Comedy Central (or another television network).

What was the most rewarding experience you had at Northeastern?
The most rewarding experience I’ve had here at Northeastern is seeing how much I have changed since I started here as a freshman. When I began here I was a very shy person, I had no confidence in myself in both classes and in extra-curricular activities. But through the classes I took and the friends I made over the past 5 years, I have become an entirely different person. Now I’m a hugely outgoing person, I love being the most outspoken student in class and I’m incredibly involved in the organizations on campus that I’m passionate about. And I can honestly say these changes in myself are thanks to the experiences I’ve had here at Northeastern.  

What will you miss most about Northeastern?
The thing I will miss most about Northeastern is the feeling of being on a campus. Every time I left Northeastern to go on co-op I was sad to leave, but always knew that I was coming back in a few months. But once I graduate and permanently leave this beautiful campus, I’m really going to miss the hustle and bustle of students on campus, the feeling of school pride when I attend a hockey game and the camaraderie of being here and being a Husky. Besides that, I’m really going to miss the lunches at Rebecca’s.

Rowan Cornell  

College of Social Science and Humanities

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: Criminal Justice Student Advisory Council, Alpha Phi Sigma, National Honors Society for Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Undergraduate Committee, College of Social Sciences and Humanities Student Advisory Council

Co-Op Experiences: Drug Enforcement Administration, Boston Division of the
United States Coast Guard

Post-Graduation Plans: I plan to work in federal law enforcement, I have been offered a job with the FBI.

What is the most rewarding experience experience you had at Northeastern?
The most rewarding experience I had was my co-op at DEA Boston. I had the opportunity to work with many talented federal agents and local police officers in ongoing investigations. I gained invaluable knowledge and experience with criminal databases, narcotics investigations, search warrant procedures, tactical operations, and general investigative tools. The connections I made at that co-op have accelerated my career path and provided many amazing opportunities.  

What was your biggest accomplishment at Northeastern?
My biggest accomplishment at Northeastern was my acceptance into the PlusOne accelerated Graduate program, in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Through my dedication to academics, extensive involvement in extracurricular activities, and my reception of achievement awards like the Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) Scholarship, I was accepted into the graduate program at NEU and will be completing my Masters in Criminal Justice.

Nina Stepanov  

D’Amore McKim School of Business

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: IDEA, NU Entrepreneurs Club (associated programs: EIP, Husky Startup Challenge, and Marketing Marines), Global E-week organizer 

Co-Op Experiences: Embedly, Intuit QuickBase, HubSpot

Post-Graduation Plans: Working full time at HubSpot as an Associate Marketing Manager on the team

Who has helped influence you in your career path?
Brooke Johnson and Esther Chewning were two very important people throughout my time at Northeastern. The two of them were my coop advisors and played such an important role in the decisions that I made and the mindset that I had going into all of my professional career decisions. Brooke made it abundantly clear to me every single time that we met that she was invested in my choices and she would take a very honest approach when discussing different coop options with me. She knew what I wanted better than I did and for that I’m infinitely thankful to her. Esther was always pushing me to go further and reach higher than I thought I could or should. She would constantly encourage me to take risks and always put myself in situations where I’d be learning the most. I’m forever indebted to them for the knowledge, guidance, and friendship that they provided me during my time at NU. 

What was your biggest accomplishment at Northeastern?
My biggest accomplishment was probably putting on one of the largest (if not the largest) and most attended NEXPO in IDEA’s history. I was the Marketing Officer at the time and had some of the best, most committed and driven students working with me to put on the event. We were like a well-oiled machine, pumping out multi-faceted marketing campaigns that ran across social media, blogging outlets, in-class presentations, on-campus promotions and direct outreach to countless people in the Boston community. I was so proud of the people on that team and how passionate they were about this event. We ended up with the highest number of RSVPs and consequently the highest number of attendees that we’d ever had (roughly 900 RSVP’d and over 500 showed up). It was a great closing to my time on the IDEA management team.

Ronny Manuel Hernández  

College of Social Sciences & Humanities

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: President of NU Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha, President of Student Organization for Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion, Pi Sigma Alpha, National Honor Society for Political Science  

Co-Op Experiences: Law Office of Cohen Hochman & Allen, Cetrulo LLP

Post-Graduation Plans: Upon graduating I anticipate on becoming a high school history teacher and later enter the field of education policy.

Who has helped influence you in your career path?
Mrs. Mia Soto-Kingsley, my 9th grade Global History teacher, is my greatest influence in determining my planned career path along with Gia Barboza, Assistant Professor of African American Studies, and Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University. Both women have motivated me to pursue my dreams and fight for what I believe in. With education inequity being a hot topic of debate and innovation in the United States, I dedicated a lot of time researching and investigating equity issues and how we can hold our leaders accountable to improve the issue. With guidance from these influential women, they have told me, “You must be the leader you seek.” They, with their lived experiences, have lead by example so that I may be the best person I can be. 

How has co-op helped you prepare for a career post-graduation?
I am a strong believer that co-ops at Northeastern are better in helping the student decide what careers we do not want to enter. Working at my co-ops was a great experience. Although I truly enjoyed the work I was performing, these experiences allowed me to network with attorneys and current law school students and come up with the decision that I do not want to attend law school and can enter the field I want without the need of having to attend law school. These experiences allowed me to realize law school and a law degree is not for me. 

Chris Stephens  

College of Social Sciences & Humanities

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: President of Secular Humanist Society, Husky Development Mentor, Husky Ambassadors, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity 

Co-Op Experiences: Life Insurance Actuarial at John Hancock, HR Research Assistant at TJX, and Junior Product Manager at Localytics

Post-Graduation Plans: Currently unknown, but eying the tech startup space in Denver, Minneapolis, and Chicago working in analytics or product management.

How has co-op helped you prepare for a career post graduation?
My first co-op actually taught me the opposite of what I thought: where not to go post-graduation. I tried a new company (John Hancock) with my second co-op and learned I love analytics, so with my third I took a job with an analytics side in the tech space. It was there that I found that I really enjoy analytics. Each co-op really helped lead me to where I am today, with a solid idea of what I want to do when I graduate. The work experience during my college career will undoubtedly help me to get that job. 

What was the most rewarding experience you had at Northeastern?
I have had the unique opportunity to found not one, but two different student groups during my time here. I was in a different level of leadership for both, so I saw the founding process from several different perspectives, and met some amazing and brilliant people from working through it all. I think this will be especially useful in my future, as I’d like to work at a start-up, so having experience starting anything, whether a company or a student group, will be invaluable. I know the work that needs to go into it, I know the passion of the members, and I know how attached the founders get to whatever it is they started. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 10.02.26 PMChelsey Goldberg  

College of Professional Studies; Social Sciences & Humanities

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: Varsity Women’s Ice Hockey; President of the Student Athletics Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Co-Op Experiences: Fitness Instructor at The Jewish Community Housing For the Elderly; currently a Business Development Consultant at Dale Carnegie Training

Post-Graduation Plans: Potentially grad school, dreams of becoming a motivational speaker

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had at Northeastern?
The most rewarding experience that I had at Northeastern was being able to represent Northeastern University and Northeastern Athletics on a trip to Africa. Through SAAC, we were able to fundraise enough money to send two representatives to Kenya alongside a non-profit organization, True Start Athletics. The Care For Kenya project seeks to provide students and families (deemed to be in the greatest of need) from various regions of Kenya with the tools that they need in order to be educationally successful. We were able to provide school supplies (inclusive of back packs, pencils, notebooks, uniforms, shoes, school lunches, family financial donations, etc) to over 60 different students and families throughout the Nakuru and Eldoret regions of Kenya. No doubt that Northeastern made my dreams, to travel oversees and give back to the greater community, come true.

What was your biggest accomplishment at Northeastern?
One of my biggest accomplishments at Northeastern University was having the opportunity to play Division 1 Collegiate Hockey and win two Beanpot Championships; that’s not something that everyone can say. Without the support of my family, friends, coaches, teammates, mentors, professors, managers, athletic community/staff, and the injuries/hardships along the way, I would not be who I am and where I am today! So, thank you!

Samantha Sullivan  

Bouvé College of Health Sciences School of Nursing

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: Wish Volunteer for Make-A-Wish, Annual Participant for Relay for Life at Northeastern University

Co-Op Experiences: Clinical Assistant on the Hematology/Oncology Unit at Boston Children’s Hospital, Clinical Assistant on the General Medicine and ICP Units at Boston Children’s Hospital, Patient Care Associate in the MGH Emergency Department

Post-Graduation Plans: I would love to explore the United States as a traveler nurse specializing in Pediatric Oncology. After gaining some experience, I plan on returning to school to obtain my Masters as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse Practitioner.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had at Northeastern?
The most rewarding experience at Northeastern would without a doubt be the opportunity the university made possible of working on 6 Northeast Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Unit at Boston Children’s Hospital. Whenever I reveal where I work, I’m frequently met with disturbed, startled looks followed by, “Isn’t that so depressing? I would never do that.” While some days are tough, what most don’t see is the best defense against a scary diagnosis like cancer is a happy, upbeat, and supportive environment. The biggest part of that? The 6 Northeast nurses, who give so much of themselves to these kids and are phenomenal mentors to soon-to-be nurses like me. This is not what I saw myself doing when I decided to pursue a career in nursing, but now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

What will you miss most about Northeastern?
The most heart-breaking thing about my time at Northeastern coming to a close is the thought of not being minutes from friends who have become my family in the last five years. These are people I truly consider to have beautiful minds and have really challenged me: my beliefs, my goals, my ways of thinking, and how I see the world. I am changed and I am better because of them. I will be forever grateful that our paths brought us together here at NU.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 10.02.26 PMBrandon Entwistle  

College of Science

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Order of Omega

Co-Op Experiences: Medical Writing at Sanofi, Business Development at ClinEdge

Post-Graduation Plans: Clinical Trial Operations in the Pharmaceutical industry and eventually earn an MBA

What is the biggest change you’ve seen at Northeastern in the last 4-5 years?
The biggest change I’ve experienced over the last five years has been the change in public perception of Northeastern and its growing reputation. When I was accepted in 2010, most of the people I talked to mistook NU for Northwestern in Chicago. Now when I’m applying for jobs and talking to people about my school, everyone knows who I’m talking about and I rarely find myself explaining what a co-op is anymore.

What was your biggest accomplishment at Northeastern?
During my sophomore year, I had the unique opportunity to start a fraternity. I was one of 40 strangers who had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but with some phenomenal leadership and determination we received our charter within a year, were awarded chapter of the year within two years, and are now the third largest fraternity on campus. The experience has been invaluable for me personally and for my future professional career and I now have 90 guys that I proudly call my brothers.

Tori Alexander  

College of Arts Media and Design

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: Varsity Track and Field, Entrepreneurs Club, Student Athlete Advisory Council, NUPRSSA, Panhellenic Conference, Senior Legacy Council, Order of Omega, Student Athlete Tutor, Ambassador for the College of Arts Media and Design, Sigma Delta Tau, Husky Leadership Council, Huntington 100

Co-Op Experiences: Paid Search Marketing at Wayfair, Footwear Marketing and Design at Reebok, and Public Relations at TJX

Post-Graduation Plans: I hope to work in marketing/advertising in fashion, or music fields. I love Boston, and would love to find a job here but I am also eager to explore new places and new opportunities.

What is the most rewarding experience you had at Northeastern?
Through Northeastern’s ties with Boston Children’s Hospital, and my sorority Sigma Delta Tau, I am able to volunteer regularly at the Yawkey Family Inn. At Yawkey, we cook, clean, and play with children who are in need of medical care at the hospital. One day my sisters and I were playing with a child from Venezuela, who had been receiving care at the hospital, after losing his left eye. The little boy was laughing with us, and his mother began to cry. When we asked her what was wrong, she responded “I haven’t heard him laugh in so long.” It was an extremely rewarding experience to know that one act of kindness that may seem so easy to you, can have that sort of impact on a little boy and his mother, and I would not have had this opportunity without Northeastern.

Who has helped influence you in your career path?
One of my professors, Jacob Depue. Jake, as he asked us to call him, teaches Advertising Practices. In this class, we learned different ways media can affect people, and how to utilize these effects. He was so passionate about what he was teaching, and encouraged his students to discuss the material in an engaged way. Jake even let us flex our entrepreneurial muscles and create campaigns and mock products of our own. It is largely because of this classes that I found my passion for marketing and advertising, and my co-ops also helped solidify that this is the career path I want to pursue. Through my co-ops at Wayfair, Reebok, and TJX, I’ve been able to further explore marketing and advertising and make connections with people that will be huge resources to me both before and after graduation. With the guidance of Jake and colleagues at my co-ops, I was fortunate to find the field that I love and have mentors to help guide me along the way.

Angelica Recierdo  

Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: The Huntington News

Co-Op Experiences: PCA at a Cardiac Interventional Unit at Mass General; Clinical Assistant at Boston Children’s in an outpatient infusion clinic; Events/Communications at Brigham Innovation Hub

Post-Graduation Plans: Become a registered nurse, write a short story collection, maybe go to grad school for something like health communications, start a career in the creative impact industry

What will you miss most about Northeastern?
All of the great programming! I’ve always been really impressed with the efforts of various student organizations to put on successful events. I would advise students to take advantage of what the small student activity fee provides and just keep your eyes and ears open to new opportunities right on campus! Just to name a couple: I’ve seen Amy Schumer, Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York photographer), Sarah Silverman, Sara Bareilles, Childish Gambino, Frank Warren of PostSecret, Laverne Cox, and more all during my almost 5 years here.

How has co-op helped you prepare for a career post-graduation?
At no other school would a student be working one co-op in scrubs and the next in business casual. Northeastern’s co-op program allows students like myself to experiment with different skills and interests and jump around fields that would normally take people years and even decades to do. I wanted to explore different paths in nursing and healthcare and by the end of my third co-op, I stumbled upon the rich healthcare innovation ecosystem right here in Boston. Because of my diverse co-ops, I’ve experienced a wide range of work from caring for patients at the bedside to brainstorming with hospital decision-makers in boardrooms.

Jon Letts  

D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: Interfraternity Council (VP of Programming and Community Development), Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi, IDEA, NU Novembeards, Senior Legacy Fund

Co-Op Experiences: All three were at KPMG in the Boston office. I started at the pricing desk then had two co-ops in audit, which allowed me to see the inner workings of a lot of different types of businesses all across Massachusetts.

Post-Graduation Plans: I have a full-time job offer at KPMG starting in October 2016 in Audit. I have some really cool engagements to get back onto and a lot of new people to meet.

What is the most rewarding experience you had at Northeastern?
It’s hard to pick one experience at Northeastern that was the most rewarding because there are so many things that have just been absolutely incredible. I think it was sophomore year that I was empowered by my older friends to just go do things and that has led to some wild results. Since then I’ve taken the initiative to do things that I never would have considered on my own. I started the NU Novembeards, put on a 5k at the Esplanade for charity, hosted Greek God and Goddess, wore a dress for a fashion show, visited 9 countries during summer breaks, won Homecoming King, and most importantly, I developed the courage to not be afraid of stepping outside of my comfort zone and push my limits.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen at Northeastern in the last 5 years?
The biggest change over my 5 years wasn’t how Northeastern changed, but how much the students change during their time here. During my time at Northeastern I’ve become a completely different person due to the influence of those around me, and the opportunities our school provided us. As a freshman it wasn’t easy to just go and make new friends with those I didn’t see anything in common with. As time passed in college it gradually became easier to talk to everyone and develop relationships with really unique and interesting people outside of my normal social circles. Everyone who attends Northeastern will experience this change if they have the desire to. They’ll get to their senior year and look back at their time in college and how much they’ve grown into the person they want to become. Then they will realize how incredibly lucky they were to have had 5 years instead of just 4.

Natalie Simmons  

D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: Kappa Delta Sorority

Co-Op Experiences: Sales Rockstar at LevelUp, Commercialization Intern at Savant, & Project Assistant at Cause Consulting

Post-Graduation Plans: Find a job in Boston!

What is the most rewarding experience you had at Northeastern?
The opportunity to work abroad in South Africa. I don’t think I can put into words how invaluable that life experience was. I was able to grow my skills and knowledge as an employee, individual and global citizen. I don’t know of many, if any, schools that grant you the opportunity to work for 6 months, let alone in a foreign country. After that experience I came back to Boston much more sure of who I was and what I wanted to do with my final year and a half at Northeastern.

How has co-op helped you prepare for a career post-graduation?
I could probably list 100 ways that co-op has helped me prepare for my career. But, if I were to list the top three, I would say:

  1. Application process – Perfecting my resume writing and interview skills
  2. Professionalism – Learning how to act appropriately in varying work place cultures
  3. Direction – Without my three, very different co-op experiences I would have no idea what I want to do with my career

Trevor Haynes  

College of Science

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: NEURONS, NEURONS Mentor Program, Northeastern Rho Psi Honors Society

Co-Op Experiences: Harvard Medical School (First & Third), Biogen IDEC (Second)

Post-Graduation Plans: Research Technician at Harvard Medical School, Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Who has helped influence you in your career path?
My mentor at Harvard quickly became my most important teacher and one of my best friends. While every person I’ve worked with on co-op has influenced me in some way, he has helped me navigate career options without bias and has taught me what no graduate program ever could – how to be a good lab mate and collaborator. Working with him has given me the potential for a very successful career in research.

How has co-op helped you prepare for a career post-graduation?
I originally chose NEU for its co-op program, and looking back now I realize it will have been one of the most important decisions of my life. The experience and networks I’ve gained on co-op is unparalleled with most of my peers across the country. Not only did I find what I believe to be my calling through working at Harvard Medical School and Biogen, but also I’ve forged relationships with very successful people in the neuroscience field that I will have for the rest of my life. I truly could not have asked more out of my co-op experience.

Julieta Moradei  

College of Engineering

Sports/Club/Greek Life Affiliations: Engineers Without Borders, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Society of Women Engineers

Co-Op Experiences: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Post-Graduation Plans: TRAVEL! And Master’s Degree

What is the most rewarding experience you had at Northeastern?
Co-ops! It was an amazing opportunity to get exposed to the real-world applicability of what we are learning. This left me with a better understanding of which career path I want to pursue, all while giving me more drive to try different areas within my field. I was able to travel, live in different cities, and meet the most forward-thinking and driven minds. I can’t imagine my college experience at Northeastern without co-op!

Who has helped influence you in your career path?
There is no single person who has influenced me, because I have met several incredible individuals who have helped shape the person I aspire to be and provide the best kind of mentorship. I have met these key people during co-ops, within the faculty at Northeastern, and the awesome students we have here!  My mentors have guided me throughout my entire academic and professional journey at Northeastern by providing advice and suggestions on how to best use my resources to pursue a field I am passionate in.  Without these key people, I would not be where I am today.